THE BATH   Washing Kai in the sauna, The kerosene lantern set on a box outside the ground-level window, Lights up the edge of the iron stove and the washtub down on the slab Steaming air and crackle of waterdrops […]


LA LLAMADA DE LO SALVAJE El pesado viejo en su cama de noche Escucha al Coyote cantando en el monte detrás. Todos los años cultivó y minó y achó. Un Católico, Un Californiano autóctono. y los Coyotes aúllan en sus […]

Una nueva estación

Another Season, 1970.  Ahmad Shamlou. On the loosen edge of the garden’s locks, eyes may not see, but the senses can, already, hear the sound of a blooming despair– in the gloomy air of Earth. A song for the trees– […]

Mi Amado

My Beloved, 1962 (Abridged).  Forough Farrokhzad. My Beloved, with his bare bold body– rose over his legs, fearless like death. On his firm face, an array of fine lines was tailored– by the revolt of his limbs. My beloved surely belongs– […]